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PGDM or MBA: Which one the best for you?

Most of the aspiring managers looking forward to pursue management studies often get confused which program to opt for? MBA or PGDM? One of the major issues is that students do not know the exact difference between the two programs. They often think that since PGDM is a diploma and MBA is a degree, so PGDM has less importance than MBA.

To clear such doubts, here we will discuss the basic difference between PGDM and MBA, so that you can decide which one is the best for you.

Basic Difference between a PGDM and MBA Program

PGDM is the diploma program granted by institutions/management colleges recognized by Government of India through the Ministry of HRD or AICTE. MBA Program on the other hand, is offered by business schools mandatorily affiliated to a University (usually a technical University) of the respective state.

PGDM programs are offered to students when they clear CAT/XAT/MAT entrance examinations. MBA students get admission through the respective State Government’s joint entrance examination.

PGDM programs are more flexible and customized as compared to MBA programs. As MBA programs are University run, therefore their adaptability is difficult at short notice.

Foreign countries do not recognize that PGDM is equivalent to MBA. Therefore, an equivalence certificate from AIU (Association of Indian Universities) is provided by the institutions to show the equivalence of the two programs.

USPs of PGDM program

PGDM programs provide more scope for learning as the PGDM course curriculum is customized as per the specific needs of students. PGDM program is flexible in terms of teaching-learning process, examination schedules, timely evaluation and convocations. MBA programs on the other hand, are stifled due to the University hierarchy which takes longer period to amend its curriculum and policies and therefore, curbs innovation and creativity in the academic culture.

PGDM or MBA: Which one to choose?

PGDM programs due to their contemporary approach, flexible modules and industry relevance are more beneficial whereas the MBA programs suffer from outdated syllabi and lack of customized approach. PGDM programs are dynamic in nature while MBA programs due to their University affiliation are marred by bureaucratization.