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PGDM: A better alternative to MBA

April 16, 2012

Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is one of most preferred business management programs these days, which promises great career opportunities. PGDM program is based on the most functional knowledge of managerial skills that remain the first requirement of any business organization.

A PGDM program has been structured in such a way so that students can bring several unmatched qualities within them. The program lets them learn the abilities of multi-decision making to understand the nature and processes of different business prospects. Apart from inserting excellent scales, students are also developed for their personality that always stays-on the first requirement of any employer.

Nowadays, PGDM course is considered more beneficial than the MBA, due to their contemporary approach, flexible modules and industry relevance whereas the MBA programs are affected by outdated syllabi and lack of customized approach. PGDM programs are dynamic in nature to meet latest trends while MBA programs because of the University affiliation are marred by bureaucratization.

To get admission in PGDM, students need to clear CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT entrance examinations while MBA students can get admission in MBA Programme by appearing for State Government’s joint entrance examination.

Many MBA and also post-graduate diploma or degree in management and also PGDM courses are coded in a way that they can instill multi-dimensional as well as multi-tasking features within the graduates, thereby driving them to minimum impacted by tough economy with financial state or alterations in enterprise ecosystem.

PGDM programs provide more scope for learning as PGDM course curriculum is customized as per the latest industry standards and particular needs of scholars. PGDM program is flexible in terms of teaching-learning process, examination schedules, timely evaluation and convocations. MBA programs in contrast, are stifled as a result of University hierarchy that takes longer timeframe to amend its curriculum and policies and thus, curbs innovation and creativity within the academic culture.

As PGDM colleges are independent, so these colleges are not affiliated to any university system. There are many college, institute and schools in Delhi & NCR region which offer PGDM programs in a number of areas of specializations such International Business, IT, Hospitality Management, HR, Marketing, Finance, So, candidates looking forward to take admission in PGDM make sure that the college is AICTE approved. In this way these colleges are free to choose the academics within the limits set by AICTE and useful programs are developed to fulfill the requirements of the industry or market.

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