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Excel Your Career with PGDM in Marketing

April 13, 2012

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is one of the most preferred management courses these days. Although, the course offers various specializations, PGDM in Marketing has emerged as one of the most opted for subjects. Marketing is for an organization what fuel is to a car. It is required at every level from the lower levels of management to the top-position. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of management in order to keep the organization going. The function of marketing is to conceive the products, their prices, how and where they have to be promoted. These activities are carried out to check the feasibility of launching a new product in the market which is done by conducting research and surveys.

Accordingly the PGDM in Marketing covers the basic concepts of marketing rising to the specialized issues and giving them an insight into the dynamics of the business environment. The curriculum of PGDM marketing is designed keeping in mind the current and emerging issues in business as well as in management with special reference to global marketing. A PGDM (Marketing) program is designed to give students an overall knowledge about the various aspects of marketing and its nuances and technical aspects. It grooms students to become an accomplished marketing manager, who can cater to the needs of various corporate, brands, and customers help business flourish.

While pursuing PGDM Marketing, students get the chance to execute live projects and work as interns in business houses for practical project work as a part of the regular courses. On-job experience and industry interaction play an important role in shaping students’ career. With a PG Diploma Marketing students will have a better understanding of the long term vision of organizations. They will not only be able to analyze and assess the market environment better but also formulate strategy and implement plans for achieving organizational goals.

There are a number of PGDM institutes which provide PGDM in Marketing. Marketing has immense scope as more and more companies are coming up and to make their presence they need to use the 4 P’s of marketing i.e. product, price, place and promotion in the most effective manner. So, after PGDM in Marketing, students can better understand the importance of the 4 P’s in order to sell the products and services; this will in turn lead to achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

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