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PGDM – A Sure Shot Way to Survive in Today’s Competitive World!

April 9, 2012

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is two years academic diploma that offers specialization in various areas such as marketing, human resource management, IT management, finance, production and materials management. PGDM is specially designed for those students who want to develop their knowledge and skills in management.

PG diploma courses focus more on various industry requirements and hence its curriculum is designed in a manner to make it more aligned to the demands of the industry. PGDM is quite popular in India and students from all over the globe are pursuing PGDM programs in various parts of the country. The two-year postgraduate course can be pursued either for full time or for part time.

PGDM is recognized in India as similar to an MBA degree and that’s why most of the students get confused in whether they should go for a PGDM or MBA program? The technical difference, which the students need to understand between an MBA and PGDM, is that an MBA is a course offered by the colleges affiliated to a university while the PGDM is a course offered by the autonomous institutes that are AICTE approved. Moreover, unlike the enrolment in the MBA colleges, the enrolment in PGDM courses is purely merit based. Due to this the students are more competent.

The curriculum of the PGDM and MBA degrees are almost equivalent, the MBA degree is exam oriented and concentrates on theoretical aspects of management and the PGDM is industry-oriented and focuses mainly on developing soft skills. PGDM courses are designed in such a manner that they instill multi-dimensional and multi-tasking capabilities in the graduates, thereby making them least affected by recession of economy or changes in business environment.

The popularity of PGDM programs grew with the inflow of multinational corporate houses, international blue chip companies, MNCs and IT giants and multinational banks into the country. Nowadays, many companies look out for candidates who can meet the demands of the international business community and handle the pressure of the cut throat competition in the corporate world. The students of PGDM colleges are able to cope with the new challenges arising in the corporate world, as these students are in sync with the latest business trends and have a sound knowledge of various purviews of the business. This is the reason why many organizations prefer PGDM students over the MBA students. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that with a PGDM course, a student is assured of a place in a good company after graduation.

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