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PGDM – Your Way To A Productive Career!

When it comes to management programs, MBA (Masters in Business Administration) and PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) are perhaps the most common career alternatives among aspiring professionals all across the world. PGDM is however the newly launched program in the field of management but it is equivalent to an MBA.  While the curriculum for both the courses doesn’t have much difference, it is the teaching methodology which differentiates the both. A PGDM program, along with the rigorous classroom learning, students get vast exposure to the real world of business through live projects, industry internship, case studies, and interactions with business leaders.

With the increase in business and corporate houses, there has been a excessive requirement for competent professionals. Most of the companies these days are looking for PGDM holders who can realize the complexities of the business and guide the organization to a bright future.

A PGDM holder from an AICTE approved Institute always has profitable job opportunities. To control an enterprise is a difficult job and professionals with PGDM in their resume are at all times up to the challenges thrown by modern day competitive business environment. PGDM is usually of two years or one year depending upon the college and place. For instance, in UK, Australia or Hong Kong, PGDM Course is of 12 months or 18 months whereas in countries like India or Malaysia, PGDM course is of 24 months.

As PGDM institutes are independent, so they are not affiliated to any university system. In this way these institutes are free to select the academics within the standards set by AICTE. In this way useful programs are designed to fulfill the demands of the industry or market. Hence, different universities have different PGDM course structure. Students pursuing PGDM can pick from different subjects for their specializations. Some of the most popular specialization options include;

•    Marketing
•    Finance
•    Human Resources
•    Information Technology
•    International Trade and Business
•    Consumer Behavior
•    Risk Management
•    Entrepreneurship etc

A PGDM program can be of different types:-

•    Full-time program
•    Part-time program
•    Distance learning program
•    Executive program
•    Online program

Depending on your time, comfort and budget, you may opt from several PGDM programs. Working experts can pick from the part-time and executive PGDM. By joining these courses, they can boost their working skills and can deal with both work as well as studies. In India, PGDM is usually a two years program and students are required to take exams like CAT, XAT, GMAT, NMET, MAT etc for getting admission into top business schools of the nation. After the successful completion of the course, students can participate in campus job interviews and land themselves wonderful job opportunities.


Take your Career to a new level with PGDM

PGDM is two years academic diploma in management divided into four semesters. The program offers specialization in various areas such as Marketing, Human Resource management and HRD, IT management, Finance, production and materials management. It is specially designed for students/professionals who want to develop their knowledge and skills in management. There are many management institutes that provide PGDM program.

PGDM focuses more on various industry requirements and hence the curriculum is designed according to these requirements, to make it more aligned to the demands of the industry.  With a PGDM, a student is assured of a place in a good company after graduation. The course structure provides flexibility for innovation and experimentation depending on the learning needs and demand of new understanding of knowledge economy. The programme is offered in six academic trimesters, including compulsory summer internship after completion of first year. Trimesters are designed with appropriate academic objective to offer the programme in order to define the graduates at the end of the programme. There are many modules delivered by foreign professors from highly reputed universities of international standing.

PGDM programmes are normally AICTE approved and can be autonomous as well, but in case of MBA it is always affiliated to a university. Another difference, a major one, is that the curriculum for PGDM is dynamic and can change every term as per the demands of the industry, but MBA curriculum has to follow University Syllabi and changes in several years.

The PGDM program is developed to offer in the academic and experiential learning mode programme. Classroom learning, practice seminars and field training are given high weight age in PGDM programme. The agencies/organizations working in the areas have been identified in order to give students the required exposure and confidence.

PGDM colleges are also preferred due to excellent infrastructure, experienced and expert teaching faculties, high quality education, and a lot more. The sheer assortment of PGDM colleges accessible will surely sweep you off your feet as you will be stranded on cross roads pertaining to which management college to choose.

Business schools are generally institutions that proffer qualifications for instance PGDM and Master of business administration to the students in addition to assist men and women to follow its job aims. Using scores of B institutions seen in of India, it may well show a daunting endeavor to pick the almost all important and also suitable institution that could proffer people foreign normal schooling and also appropriate company direct exposure.

The technical difference, which the students need to understand between an MBA and PGDM, is that an MBA is a course offered by the colleges affiliated to a university while the PGDM is a course offered by the autonomous institutes that are approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

PGDM: A better alternative to MBA

Post Graduation Diploma in Management (PGDM) is one of most preferred business management programs these days, which promises great career opportunities. PGDM program is based on the most functional knowledge of managerial skills that remain the first requirement of any business organization.

A PGDM program has been structured in such a way so that students can bring several unmatched qualities within them. The program lets them learn the abilities of multi-decision making to understand the nature and processes of different business prospects. Apart from inserting excellent scales, students are also developed for their personality that always stays-on the first requirement of any employer.

Nowadays, PGDM course is considered more beneficial than the MBA, due to their contemporary approach, flexible modules and industry relevance whereas the MBA programs are affected by outdated syllabi and lack of customized approach. PGDM programs are dynamic in nature to meet latest trends while MBA programs because of the University affiliation are marred by bureaucratization.

To get admission in PGDM, students need to clear CAT/XAT/MAT/CMAT entrance examinations while MBA students can get admission in MBA Programme by appearing for State Government’s joint entrance examination.

Many MBA and also post-graduate diploma or degree in management and also PGDM courses are coded in a way that they can instill multi-dimensional as well as multi-tasking features within the graduates, thereby driving them to minimum impacted by tough economy with financial state or alterations in enterprise ecosystem.

PGDM programs provide more scope for learning as PGDM course curriculum is customized as per the latest industry standards and particular needs of scholars. PGDM program is flexible in terms of teaching-learning process, examination schedules, timely evaluation and convocations. MBA programs in contrast, are stifled as a result of University hierarchy that takes longer timeframe to amend its curriculum and policies and thus, curbs innovation and creativity within the academic culture.

As PGDM colleges are independent, so these colleges are not affiliated to any university system. There are many college, institute and schools in Delhi & NCR region which offer PGDM programs in a number of areas of specializations such International Business, IT, Hospitality Management, HR, Marketing, Finance, So, candidates looking forward to take admission in PGDM make sure that the college is AICTE approved. In this way these colleges are free to choose the academics within the limits set by AICTE and useful programs are developed to fulfill the requirements of the industry or market.

Excel Your Career with PGDM in Marketing

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is one of the most preferred management courses these days. Although, the course offers various specializations, PGDM in Marketing has emerged as one of the most opted for subjects. Marketing is for an organization what fuel is to a car. It is required at every level from the lower levels of management to the top-position. Marketing is one of the most important aspects of management in order to keep the organization going. The function of marketing is to conceive the products, their prices, how and where they have to be promoted. These activities are carried out to check the feasibility of launching a new product in the market which is done by conducting research and surveys.

Accordingly the PGDM in Marketing covers the basic concepts of marketing rising to the specialized issues and giving them an insight into the dynamics of the business environment. The curriculum of PGDM marketing is designed keeping in mind the current and emerging issues in business as well as in management with special reference to global marketing. A PGDM (Marketing) program is designed to give students an overall knowledge about the various aspects of marketing and its nuances and technical aspects. It grooms students to become an accomplished marketing manager, who can cater to the needs of various corporate, brands, and customers help business flourish.

While pursuing PGDM Marketing, students get the chance to execute live projects and work as interns in business houses for practical project work as a part of the regular courses. On-job experience and industry interaction play an important role in shaping students’ career. With a PG Diploma Marketing students will have a better understanding of the long term vision of organizations. They will not only be able to analyze and assess the market environment better but also formulate strategy and implement plans for achieving organizational goals.

There are a number of PGDM institutes which provide PGDM in Marketing. Marketing has immense scope as more and more companies are coming up and to make their presence they need to use the 4 P’s of marketing i.e. product, price, place and promotion in the most effective manner. So, after PGDM in Marketing, students can better understand the importance of the 4 P’s in order to sell the products and services; this will in turn lead to achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

PGDM Programs – Make a Career of Your Choice!

Management courses are the most sought after in today’s corporate world. One of such popular programmes is Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). PGDM program is designed in such a way that it not only imparts knowledge and understanding about all management concepts and subjects covered in the curriculum, but also helps the students develop skills and competencies, and assess emerging business management needs through exposure to real business situations in the form of case studies.

The program is ideal for fresh graduates, working graduates as well as professionals. You are eligible for the PGDM program if you have passed any Bachelors Degree course in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks and are proficient in MS Office. The Bachelors Degree course should be from a University that is recognized by the AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) and for the duration of 3 or more years of full-time study. If you have recently appeared for your final year or are going to appear for the same can also apply for the PGDM program, provided you produce documentary evidence of passing your final year prior to the commencement of the course. In case you fail to produce the required documents on time, your admission will be liable to cancellation.

PGDM admissions also depend on your marks acquired in the entrance exams, group discussion, personal interview and work experience or academic record put together. Once you obtain admission in a good B school, rest assured that your corporate future is secure, as long as you give it your all and learn to your best abilities.

As PGDM colleges are autonomous, they are not bound to any university structure and have an inherent ability to utilize academic freedom within the parameters prescribed by AICTE to develop trend-setting educational programmes & processes which are in line with the industry demands. On the other hand an MBA college has to strictly follow their respective University’s curriculum and lack flexibility, which is needed to adapt to the changing market scenario.

PGDM program through some well-known AICTE approved B Schools are always recommended. So, it is advisable to look for an institute of management that has such accreditation, as it boosts the chances of better placements and opportunities for your career in the corporate world. After all, you should aspire for nothing but the best when it comes to your future in the competitive corporate world of today.

PGDM – A Sure Shot Way to Survive in Today’s Competitive World!

PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is two years academic diploma that offers specialization in various areas such as marketing, human resource management, IT management, finance, production and materials management. PGDM is specially designed for those students who want to develop their knowledge and skills in management.

PG diploma courses focus more on various industry requirements and hence its curriculum is designed in a manner to make it more aligned to the demands of the industry. PGDM is quite popular in India and students from all over the globe are pursuing PGDM programs in various parts of the country. The two-year postgraduate course can be pursued either for full time or for part time.

PGDM is recognized in India as similar to an MBA degree and that’s why most of the students get confused in whether they should go for a PGDM or MBA program? The technical difference, which the students need to understand between an MBA and PGDM, is that an MBA is a course offered by the colleges affiliated to a university while the PGDM is a course offered by the autonomous institutes that are AICTE approved. Moreover, unlike the enrolment in the MBA colleges, the enrolment in PGDM courses is purely merit based. Due to this the students are more competent.

The curriculum of the PGDM and MBA degrees are almost equivalent, the MBA degree is exam oriented and concentrates on theoretical aspects of management and the PGDM is industry-oriented and focuses mainly on developing soft skills. PGDM courses are designed in such a manner that they instill multi-dimensional and multi-tasking capabilities in the graduates, thereby making them least affected by recession of economy or changes in business environment.

The popularity of PGDM programs grew with the inflow of multinational corporate houses, international blue chip companies, MNCs and IT giants and multinational banks into the country. Nowadays, many companies look out for candidates who can meet the demands of the international business community and handle the pressure of the cut throat competition in the corporate world. The students of PGDM colleges are able to cope with the new challenges arising in the corporate world, as these students are in sync with the latest business trends and have a sound knowledge of various purviews of the business. This is the reason why many organizations prefer PGDM students over the MBA students. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that with a PGDM course, a student is assured of a place in a good company after graduation.

Career Prospects after PGDM

Nowadays, PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) has become one of the most sought after post graduate courses these days and popular amongst the students as it provides those skills and frameworks that are essential for advancement of the career as manager. By earning a PGDM degree from reputable PGDM institute, individuals can broaden their educational horizons and also hope to get the leadership positions. This programs not only helps prepare professionals in areas with a large requirement, at national level but also at international level.

PGDM covers various subjects such as accounting, economics, finance, operations management, marketing, organizational behavior and project management and many more. Each of the programs offered at PGDM institute has potential application in multiple spheres. So students can choose from their subject as per their interest and career objective and can make their career accordingly. Here we will discuss various career options that are available to students once they complete their PGDM Degree.


One of the most sought after career options after PGDM is marketing. People, who want pursue their career as marketing, should be able to create effective marketing strategies as well as possess good communication skills for conveying their messages to people more efficiently. A PGDM program provides theoretical knowledge and practical marketing skills to its students.

Government Jobs

It’s a myth that PGDM may only help you in setting up a business or getting a job in a multinational company. But after completing PGDM from an AICTE approved PGDM Institute, students can also get a decent Government job. For Government jobs, one should be a big thinker as well as a team player too and PGDM is very useful for a career in a government agency.


If you are looking forward to make a career in finance, you should be quick thinker, having high energy levels and require having patience to deal with clients. PGDM in finance is the best way to determine, if you want to build a successful career in finance.

Non-profit Organizations

After completing PGDM, one can also find a good job in non-profit organizations. It will be very good for us in the involvement of non-profit organization. As a PGDM graduate, it will be very rewarding for financially and emotionally that our talents are making a positive difference in people lives.

Education- Teaching and Research

Technocrats and Engineers who have a passion for teaching and education may opt from various opportunities for teaching assignments as well as research positions in India and abroad.

There is high competition in the marketplace nowadays. The need to understand consumer desires and cater to them has become the norm for existence and survival in business. Thus Management education such as PGDM is the first step towards success.